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Love SMS
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Be close to someone who makes u happy,
But be closer to someone who cant b happy without u..
It makes a lot of difference! :-)

To luv is duty & right,
To b loved is a gift & luck..
To luv sum1 who luvs u is an achievement..
& to b luvd by sum1 whom u luv is life..

Bell has no sound till someone rings it,
Song has no tune until someone sings it..
So never hide ur feelings ,
Coz it has no value till someone feels it :-)

Luv is not only gaining sum1,
But also losing urself to sum1..
If 1 luvs u, its not coz of ur excellence..
Its coz of d purity of ur heart :-)

Its a fact-
Wen u r happy, u want to reach d person u love most..
But wen u r sad, u want to reach d person who loves u most..

Thr was a guy who was tired of reading his gf's msgs which always contained i luv u, i miss

u or hav u taken ur meal?
One nt, while lying in bed he rcvd a msg bt dint bother to read, insted he went to sleep.
Nxt day, he got a call 4m his gf's mom dat her daughter was raped & killd last nt, He den

read d msg in wch was written "Honey plz cum & hlp. sum1's following me"
Nvr hurt ne1 who really luvs u!

A sensible proposal from a boy to a beautiful girl- "Hey Angel! I'm not forcing u

to love me.. But don't let love b d reason for hating me.." :-)

Do u know why ppl say dat u don't feel sleepy wen u r in luv???
Coz for d 1st time, u find reality more beautiful than ur dreams.. :-)

Do u know why ppl say that u dont feel sleepy wen in luv???
Its for d 1st time..
that u find..

U can hide pain u feel,
& make others believe dat u can move on!
But u cant deny d truth dat d 1 who has hurt u is still d 1 u always choose to


Don't search for eyes which never want to see u..
But never try to escape from the eyes which r always searching for

u!!! :-)

Once a man asked God, What is love?
God said, Go to a garden & get d most beautiful flower!
The man returned empty handed & told that I had found d

most beautiful flower but I kept walking in the hope of a

better 1 & then I realised that I had ignored d best. Wen went

back, I cud not find it thr! God said, This is luv! U dont value

it wen u have it & repent wen u lose it!! Love is d sweetest

thing so never let ur luv go in search of a better one!! :-)

Once thr was an island whr all feelings lived together..
One day thr was a storm in d sea & island was abt to ddrown..
Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat to escape..
Every feeling borrowed d boat but one feeling was left..
Luv got down to c who it was?
It was Ego! Luv tried & tried but Ego didnt moov..
Everyone asked Luv to leave Ego & cum in d boat but Luv was meant to luv.. It

remained with Ego. All other feelings were left alive but Luv died coz of Ego!!!

It takes a lifetime to find true love & it takes only a moment to lose it forever..
So if u love sumone show it now,
Coz a lost today may b a lost forever..

Small girl & Boy were crying together..
Wen asked Y??
Girl said- 'My doll has broken!!'
Boy said- 'I'm cryng coz my doll is crying!!!'

Love is beautiful like butterfly!
Wen u try to catch it, it flies away..
But wen u wait silently, it comes & touches u..
So wait for ur butterfly!! ;-)

U cant wrap love in a box,
But u can wrap a person in a hug..
A hug delights, Warms & Charms..
Dat must b y God gave us arms..

Boy & Gal were playing Hide & Seek..
While playing, Gal sends Boy a msg- "If u find me, u can hug me! If u cant, i'll keep hiding in d Shed!!!"
Luv is always sweet :-)

Sometimes love is for a moment,
& Sometimes its for a lifetime..
However, a moment vd d 1 u love is enough to spend a Lifetime..

Love doesnt start in morning & end in evening!
It starts wen u dont need it & ends wen u need it d most!!

Nice words written by a boy who lost his love in Tsunami-
"Sea, I'll never forgive u in my life even if ur waves touch my feet a Million times!!!!"

In life There are 6 things u must never lose,
2..Self Respect
OFCOURSE ME, the Great

D worst thing in life is ATTACHMENT!
It hurts wen u lose it..
D best thing in life is LONELINESS!
Coz it teaches u everything & wen u lose it, u get everything!!

hume pyar bina jeena nhi aata unhe pyar ke sath jina nahi aata,jindgi jeene k yahi do tarike hai,ek unhe nahi aata ek hume nhi aata.

Heartbeats r d biggest hypocrites in d world!
They beat in ur heart but always dance to d tune of someone else!!! ;-)

Din Hai To Raat Bhi Hogi
Badal Hai To Barsat Bhi Hogi
Judai Ka Gam Na Kar Mere Dost
Zindgi Rahi To Mulakat Bhi Hogi

Wen lots of ppl start to luv u & u may get confused whom to luv, Just tell them I HATE U!
Everyone will get back but not d person who truly loves u!! :-)

If sum1 dies early, ppl say God loves him very much!
But u r still on earth..
It means sum1 on earth loves u more than God!! :-)

Whr was LOVE born??
Coz It has no warranty, no guarantee!
Chale to Chaand tak!
Nahi to Shaam tak!! ;-)

Aaj Ujalo Me Ek Kami Si Rehne De..
Ankhon Me Ek Katra Nami Si Rehne De..
Reh Na Jaye Mohabbat Adhuri Meri..
Intezar Hai uska..
Intezar .. Hi Rehne De..

Some love one,
Some love two,
But i love one and that is you..

Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th std-
Boy- Do u hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??
Gal- Yes!
Boy- Can I replace it for d rest of ur life?? ;-)

In life Love is never planned nor does it happen for reason. But when the Love is real it becomes your plan for life & your reason 4 living.


If I were to describe True love, then I'd describe it as Wat a Snowman did to a Snowwoman..
He gave her a Watrm Hug & they both melted in each others arms..

U know why god made eyes in pair, lags in pair, hands in pair, & the heart as single?!! Just to find a heart of ur choice & make a pair...

A Heart dies wen it is not able to Share its Feelings!
But A Heart kills itself wen another Heart doesn't understand its Feelings!!

Find Arms dat vl Hold u at ur Weakest,
Eyes dat vl C u at ur Ugliest,
Heart dat vl Luv u at ur Worst,
& If u've found it,
U've found True Love!

how to impress a girl:
respect her,
honour her,
love her,
protect her,
care for her,

how to impress boy
just a smile (game over)

Excellent Thought:

"If someone dies early
people say GOD loves him very much,

but u r still on the earth,

it means someone on the earth loves u more than GOD...