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Special You SMS
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Wen u smile, its like sunrise to me..
& I want a daily sunrise in my life.. So, KEEP SMILING :-)

1] Answer d phone by left ear
2] Dont take medicine with cold water
3] Dont have huge meals after 5pm
4] Drink more water in morning, less at night
5] Best sleeping time is from 10am to 4pm
6] Dont lie immediately after taking medicine
7] Wen cell battery is low to last bar, dont answer d phone as d radiation is 1000 times stronger..
Fwd it to 2 ppl u care for..

Once thr was an angel who wanted to change everything into something special..
I saw d angel staring at u..

Its meaningless to expect ur frnd or partner to b of ur kind..
Coz u cant hold their right hand in ur right hand to walk together..
So respect & accept them with differences!!

Special relations r hard to find,
They r rare & 1 of a kind..
I don't care if i have a few,
Coz i have d best & that includes U...

your sms is electrical activity of my heart
your miss call is beat of my heart
your call is blood circulation of my heart
so, please keep activate my heart

In d game of life, its not important to hold all d gud relations..
But its important how gud u behave with d relations which u hold..

Its hard to let go of someone who has touched ur life..
But it hurts more to let go of someone who was never urs, yet changed ur life d most..

Eyes r not meant for tears & Heart is not meant for fears,
Never get upset but always cheer!
Coz u r d one who can make ppl smile in tears!! :-)

People say dat we dont understand d value of our closed ones until we lose them!
Its wrong!
We know their value but we never think dat we can lose them!

We always miss d special someone in our life for 2 reasons-
1] Either that person was sometime with u or
2] U always wanted to be with that person..

For all d frndshp U Share,
For all d ways U Care.
For all d times U r Thr,
U r Special n beyond Compare..
Just wanna say, Take Care!!

Sometimes missig is more precious then being together
because we miss only those friends with whom we always want to be together

We cannot be together,
But we"ll never be apart,
For no matter what life brings us,
You�re always in my heart.

'WORDS FROM D PAGES OF LIFE' Don't care some1 to that extent that u miss the other, but care to that extent that the other doesn't wish to lose you!

The lover is a monotheist who knows that other people worship different gods but cannot himself imagine that there could be other Gods.

To the world you might be one person, but to one person you might be the world.

I love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile,your loving face, No one will ever take your place.

I have liked many but loved very few. Yet no-one has been as sweet as u. I'd stand and wait in the worlds longest queue. Just for the pleasure of a moment with u.

A special smile, a special face, a special someone i cant replace. I luv u & i always will. U've filled a space no one can fill!

Sweet as a rose bud, bright as a star, cute as a kitten thats what u are, bundles of joy sunshine and fun, you are everything i luv all rolled into one.