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Half of d problems in life r coz we act without thinking!
& rest half r coz we keep thinking without acting!!

Wen a drop of water falls into a river, it has no identity!
But wen it falls on d leaf of a Lotus, it shines like a pearl!!
So choose d best place whr u can shine!!

Laugh at ur mistakes, but learn from them..
Joke at ur troubles, but gather strength from them,..
Have fun vd ur difficulties, but overcome them!
Thats life!

If u miss an opportunity, do not cloud ur eyes vd tears!
Keep ur vision clear so dat u dont miss d next one! :-)

Never get upset if u take more time to get success than others!
A Pyramid takes more time to build than an ordinary Building!!

Life may not b d party u hoped for but dat doesnt mean u should stop dancing!
Remember u r d DJ of ur life!
Just spin it!
Rock it!
Enjoy it! ;-)

The joy dat u giv to others is d joy dat flows back into ur life!
A happy heart makes a cheerful face!
May all ur days b as lovely as ur heart.. :-)

A strong & positive attitudes creates more miracles than any other thing coz life is 10% how u make it
& 90% how u take it!! :-)

Dont think of d few things dat u didn't get 4m god after praying!
Think of all those countless beautiful things that he gave u vdout even asking!

Beautiful pictures r developed by negatives in dark room!
So if u c darkness in life, believe that God is making a Beautiful picture for u!! :-)

Dont count wat u've lost!
Just see wat u hav now!
Coz Past never comes back but sometimes Future can give back all those things which we've lost in Past!!

Be simple but look stylish,
Be tough but look soft,
Be tensed but look cool,
Be a winner but look like a Beginner..
Thats d way of living life!! :-)

Dont take rest after Success..
Coz if u fail next time so many lips r waiting to say dat ur previous victory was Luck!

Life is a gr8 travel trip,
Problem is dat it does not come vd a map..
We have to search our own ways to reach destinations..

Staying at d back, Giving own power..
& to support to those who r in front & still being egoless is wat we shud learn from ZERO! :-)

Life never seems to be the way we want it but we have to live it the best way we can!
There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with PERFECT MOMENTS..

Life is not an i-pod to listen to ur favourite songs!
It's a Radio!
Umust adjust urself to every frequency & enjoy watever comes in it!!!

Hurting sum1 is as easy as cutting a tree- within a moment!
But making sum1 happy is like growing a tree- Takes a lot of time, care & patience!!

"If you stand for a reason, be prepared to stand alone like a Tree.
If you fall on the ground, fall as a Seed that grows back to fight again."


All d right things r not possible always!
All d possible things r not right always!
So be true to ur heart & u'll never go wrong in life!

Sometimes in life, One feels that all doors r now closed!
Wen that happens in ur life, remember d words- "A closed door isn't always locked!!" :-)

Life is like a Flute..
It can have Holes & Emptiness at times but if we work on it, the same flute can produce magical melodies!! :-)

Smooth roads never make Good drivers!
Clear sky never makes Good pilots!
Problem-free life never makes a Good person!!
Life is a Challenge! Live it!!

If u can't fly, Run!
If u cant run, Walk!
But watever u do keep on moving towards ur goal!! :-)

Things we lose in life always have its own way of coming back to us at d end..
But it always happens in d most unexpected ways!! :-)

Life can be happier & stress-free if we remember 1 simple thought-
We can't have all that we desire! But god will give us all that we deserve!!!

A boy cried wen he had no shoes..
Suddenly he stopped crying wen he saw a man vdout legs..
Life is full of blessings!
Sometimes we dont understand it..
Gud mrng!! :-)

Always have a unique character like SALT!
Its presence is not felt but absence makes all things tasteless!!
Gud day! :-)

Best lines by a great man-
"I studied everything but never topped!!
But, today the Toppers of d best universities r my employees...."

Words of life-
Try to make at least 2 persons happy in a day!
Make sure one of them is U!!! :-)

HOPE & END r always thr for everyone!
Depends on us how we deal with them..

Whoever u may be, whrever life leads u,
Ur always a mom's child,
a dad's dream,
a family's future,
a frd's heart &
sum1's life!!!
Be d best of it :-)

1 tree makes 1 lakh matchsticks..
1 Matchstick can burn 1 lakh trees..
MORAL- 1 Negative thought can burn all positive thoughts!
So be positive in life!! :-)

We think thr's enough time to live but we never know which moment is d final one!!
So, Share, Cheer & Love every moment of life!! :-)

A beautiful thought-
No one can go back & change a bad beginning!
But ayone can start anything anytime & create a successful ending!!

1980, IDBI bank rejected loan for Ambani..
29 yrs later,
Mukesh Ambani is planning to buy IDBI..
This shows nothing is impossible!!
Today, Swiss bank rejected loan for me!! ;-)

If d path is beautiful, lets ask where it leads..
But if d Destination is beautiful, don't ask how is the path..

Life has no 2nd edition to correct it later..
It has only 1 edition which should be the Best..
So lets be careful while writing every page!! :-)

Nothing can be changed by changing face,
But everything can be changed by facing the change..
Have a nice life with sweet changes!! :-)

Keep d smile, Leave d tear..
Think of joy, Forget d fear..
Hold d Laugh, Leave d pain..
Be joyous everyday!! Gud mrng :-)