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V smile at whom V Like,
V cry for whom V care,
V laugh with whom we enjoy,
and V become angry with whom we feel is our own...

That's Friendship...
That's Love...

H_M. T_M. No 1 is complete without "U" nd FR_ENDSH_P will never b complete without "I", So "U" & "I" have to be there for ever if u want HUM (,") and ('') Tum 2 b frndz.

Heart is like a crystal, preserve it. Love is like perfume, spread it. Feelings are like flood, flow it. Friendship is like an umbrella, come lets share it.

Not every bird can dance,But peacock did that.Not every flower can represent LOVE,but Rose did that.Not every Friend can reach upto HEART,But u did that...

Life can be hard & not always fun. But as night brings dark Friendship is a promise made in the heart - silently, unwritten, unbreakable by distance, unchangeable by time. Take care always beloved friend.

Without humor, life sux. Without courage, life is hard. Without love, life is hopeless. Without friends like you, life is impossible

What is real but invisible? Ur love. What is true but unfair? Ur away from me. What is sweet but invincible? Ur smile. What is precious but priceless? Ur friendship.

Friendship is like a bank in which u have to Deposit love, sympathy, trust, help & joy. and as Interest you will get comapanion for lifetime!

Between a 100000 yesterdays& a 100000 tomorrows,There is only ione today and I would not let this pass without saying thx 4 being such a lovely frnd...

Birth is like a dot.
Life is like a line.
Love is like a triangle.

friendship is like a circle,

because circles don't have an end.

Heart is like a crystal, preserve it. Love is like perfume, spread it. Feelings are like flood, flow it. Friendship is like an umbrella, come lets share it

Hearts could only love for a while,
feet could only walk for a mile,
Clothers won't forever be in style,
but having you as my friend is forever worthwhile.

I"m happy, u know why?
Coz I"m lucky, u know why?
Coz GOD loves me, u know how?
He sent a good friend to me, u know who?
It's YOU.

Roses are waiting for hours,
Need one touch of yours,
My life is like a rose,
Need one SMS dose,
Flowers grow with love & sunshine;
I'll live till you are friend of mine!!

Feelings R Many, but Words R few...
Clouds R dark, but Sky is blue...
Love is a paper, Life is a glue...
Everything is false... but
Friendship is True...!!

Between a 1000 yesterdays and a million tomorrows,
there is only one Today and I would not let this day pass without saying..

If friends were flower, I would not pick you!
I'll let you grow i nthe garden and cultivate you with
love and care so I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

My Friendship is just like a rubber band,
It is too flexible, stretch it as much as u can,
but if u leave it, it'll hurt u a lot,
really a lot!

  • * See this Star?


    * It never leaves u


    * it's a symbol

    * of my care


    * a promise

    * dat i'l be ur friend 4evR.

The @nly wealth i hv,

rare pe@ple ar@und me dat i really call frndz

& y@u are 1 @f them.

Pls stay with me
s@ that pe@ple will kn@w
h@w rich i am?

, / /,
c ".) friends
( ,)) are special
?"-.; treasures
d" heart
they make u
feel loved needed & secured.
It's often not said but felt.

Longest love is Mother's love,
Shortest love is others love,
Sweetest love is Lover's love,
BUT Strongest love is friends love.
Like u and me.







tats YOU my FRIEND.

If friends were flowers, I would not pick you!
I'll let you grow in the garden and cultivate you with love and care so as I can keep you as a friend 4ever!!

A lovely star dropped on earth one night.
Asked me u want a million dollar or a good frnd?
I had 2 choose million dollars coz, I already have u...

Painting is a feelin, Never spoil it.
Face is a book, try 2 read it.
Love is precious, B ready 2 sacrifice for it &
Friendship is like a mirror never break it!

I am not a clock that can SMS u 24hrs a day,
but my heart will be like a clock that will n

      ;/  ("v")";  /";"/
      /;./ "v"  './   %./

is not only made for lovers;its also for friends who luv each other better than lovers!!

The recipe of friendship:
1 cup of sharing.
2 cups of caring.
3 cups of forgiveness & hugs.

Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever.


One tree can start a forest,
One Smile can start Friendship,
One touch can show luv n care,
& One friend like u can make Life worthliving.

Friends are Angles.. sent 4m heaven dey guide U care4 U luv U & inspire U u r one of d sweetest Angels i ever had...! hope u'll b my Angel 4 ever...!

10-Fingers 09-Planets 08-Sides 07-Wonder s 06-Sense 05-Pandavas 04-Seasons 03-Choices 02-Genders 01-Wonderful Friend ***U***

Akaash ke taaron mein khoya hai jahan saara,Lagta hai pyara ek ek taara.Un taaron mein sabse pyara hai ek sitara,Jo is waqt padh raha hai SMS hamara....

Ek sapna-Kisi apne se milna,Ek ittefaq-Aapka humari zindagi mein aana,Ek haqiqat- Aap se dosti karna aur,Ek tamanna -Dosti ko zindagi bhar nibhana.....

Muskan ke dayroon me hamesha khushi nahi hoti,Aansuon ke bahaov me hamesha gam nahi hote.Badh jaaye chahe faasle,Dosti aur pyar kabhi kam nahi hote....

I like 3 things:
& U (".)

Sun for the day TIME
Moon for the night TIME
& u for the

Our friendship has become our HABIT even if U take out H-ABIT remains.Take out A ,still BIT remains ,Finally take out B,still IT remains....

A friend is never a coincidence in your life they are meant to enter your life to bring you joy and laughter. So, i will treasure the friendship between us...

I opened my wallet And find it empty, Reach in my pocket And found few coins, Search my heart & found U n Our friendship, Then I realized How rich I am ...

Ur validity of being my friend is going 2 b expired today,plz recharge ur friendship immidetly by delivering 4-5 sweet & cool msgs.So hurry

Treat your life as a Sea,
your heart as a Seashore,
Friends like waves,
It never matters how many there are,
what matters is how many touch the seashore?

Eveything in this world is so fine, but everything in this world is not mine, but there is one thing that is pure & divine. ur friendship & lucky to be mine.

Friends are not a game to play, Friends are not just a Word to say, Friends do not start in March & end in May, "Friends" means yesterday, Today & Forever". How 2 grow friendship? pick a good heart, plant in a pot of trust, water with good thoughts, add some emotions and faith, remove the misunderstanding and nourish it.

having friends is the best thing can ever happen , having u (name of the friend) the best thing i ever had in my hole life !!!

Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived. desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached. where it began. where will it end. friends from da start. friends til the end!

Friendship is sweet when it's new, Sweeter when its true, but sweetest when its u. When God gave friends he tried 2 b fair! When I got u, I got more than my share!

If I cud give u a gift. I wud give u the ability 2 see urself, d way I c u, so that u wud know what a wonderful FRIEND u are!

Friends r like a page in book of life. every page with a different subject. But u r my index page coverying every subject of my life. Have a great day.

1-min, 1-hr, 1-day, 1-week, 1-month, 1-year. No matter how long, i'll treasure the time, we became friends. hope we remain gud friends 4ever.

If you ask me for how long i'll be your friend my answer will be I don't know.. Coz I really don't know whats longer ALWAYS OR FOREVER.

Friendship is all about three things - winning, losing and sharing, wining your firnd's heart, losing your ego and sharing joys and sorrows.

You may hear nothing from me on how I appreciate you, but beyond that silence, your friendship creates a beautiful sound in my heart.

On the shore of life, friends are live waves. They come and go but they touch in such a way that a feeling of closness always remains there.

Smiling is a sign of one's good mood. Laughing is a sign of happiness. Praying is a sign of good faith. Have U as my Friend is a sign of God's Blessings!

I thought i'm alone as Your Friend, but behind YOU , I found a large queue, i complained about this to God, then realised HE too was in queue !

To live a life I need a heartbeat,To have a heartbeat I need a heart,To have a heart I need happiness,To have happiness,I need a friend,and for a friend I need You..!!!

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you that your true friend Mr/Mrs___is missing u a lot. Thank you.

As long as we have memries yestrday remains. As long as we have hope, 2morrow awaits. As long as we have friendshp, each day is nevr a waste.

stars have 5ends, squares have4 ends, triangles have3 ends, lines have2 ends, life has1 end, but i hope our friendship has no end

one day god asked to me ,would u like to take post of prime minister or a true friend?.....i opted PM bcos .....
i already have a true friend like U :-)

;, * '' * ;,
* , *;, *;
___ ) (__ it isn't measured on how tall it
could be ,but on how the roots have grown.

I may not be the
"Perfect Friend"
That U R
looking for...
not even
the "BEST"
among them all...
But surely
I'm a friend
who always care for...

=: Friendship is :=
vast like "Universe"
Deep like "Ocean"
High Like "Sky"
Strong Like "Iron"
Kind Like "Mother"
Cute like "me" AND
Sweet like "u"

1 day u'll ask me whats more Important 2 me, U or MY LIFE: I'll say MY LIFE & u'll walk away not even knowing that FRIENDS like you are my LIFE.

Im a cop & u r under arrest 4 being wat u r.its illegal 2b so sweet & loving as u i hereby sentence u2 b my LIFETIME friend Case Closed!

Science has proved that Sugar melts in water,
So please don't walk in rain,
otherwise i will lose such a SWEET friend like U

friend ship is like the relation between hand and the eyes,its like when hand gets hurt the eyes cry and when eyes cry the hand wipes its tears

no sweet thoughts to forward,
no cute graphics to send,
just A......

ur accused of crawlin in 2 my life,
& hijacking my smiles with ur cute SMS's
U r found guilty n so u r sentenced
to b my friend 4 life!
No bail.......

2 hear what's unspoken,
2see what's unseen,
2 feel without even touching,
is the miracle called

A true friend is a friend who sees the 1'st tear
catches the 2'nd & stops the 3'rd!! Just hope
i can b the same 2 u.

A good friend is like a computer;me'enter' ur life,'save'u in my heart,'format'ur problems, 'shift'u 2 opportunities & never'deletes' u.

Friends, you and me...
You brought another friend...
And then there were 3...
We started our group...
Our circle of friends...
And like that circle...
There is no beginning or end ...

Three things cannot be long hidden from me: the sun, the moon and "YOU" , bcoz with out sun and moon this Universe is nothing and with out "U" for me nothing bcoz u r my best friend

The recipe of friendship: 1 cup of sharing.2 cups of caring.3 cups of forgiveness & hugs. Mix all of these together to make friends 4ever.

Flowers need sunshine,
violets need dew,
all angels in heaven know I need u.
Years may fly, tears may dry, but
my friendship with you will never die.

I must have been born under a lucky star,
to find a friend as nice as you are.
I will follow the rainbow to the end,
if you promise to remain my friend!!

Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways
And if ever I have to Let you go???...

I would Find a million reason to make u stay!!!

Ek khoobsurti,

Ek Tazgi,

Ek Sapna,

Ek Sacchai,

Ek Kalpana,

Ek Ahsas,

Ek Vishvas,

Yahi hai ek acche din ki shuruvat...
Have a nice day!

A true friend is not the one who give
bail and take you out from the Jail.
Instead who comes with u in jail and ask
BIDI hai kya BIDU?

He, who loses money, loses much;
He, who loses a friend, loses much more;
He, who loses faith, loses all.

Friendship`s like a lonely flower that blossoms any where as long as it is tended with gentli, loving care and like a flower,friend ship makes tha world seems fresh,new and beautiful


the best cosmetic for lips is truth,for the voice is prayer,for the eyes is pity,for the hands is charity,and for the heart is FRIEND LIKE U

no sweet thought to forward,no cute graphics to send,just a..caring heart saying....takecare always my dear friend

If Time slips away without a WoRD
from Me, u dont hv 2 WoRRY,
about our friendship bcos FeeLiNGS
beyond WoRDS will always keep Me
    R   O  
A      U
D   N

Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived.desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached.where it began.where will it end.friends from da start.friends til da end!

Their r 4 chambers in my heart ..1 for my father ,1 for my mom , 1 for my sister , 1 for god...sory friend i was not able to give u any place in my herat coz friend like u r my heartbeats.

SOME SAY it...



BUT i MEAN it...
*u r a nice*


No! No! No! No! No! Keep this pic coz we look cute Here. Look..
;;;;;;;;. .;****.
( -_- ) ( -_- )
>")("< >")("< FRIENDS 4EVER

There are
6 Billion
around d world.
i dont know
why i keep on
msging u.
maybe bcoz..
cant replace..
a single friend like you.

A good Friend is like a computer
he ENTERS in your life SAVE himself
in your heart,FORMATS all your troubles
and never DELETE you from his heart.

;, * '' * ;,

* , *;, *;

___ ) (__ it isn't measured on how tall it
could be ,but on how the roots have grown

When u r counting all ur friends,the oldest ,best &
the the new......
I wud like to stand by ur side & say 2 little
word's...." ME TOO"

I dropped a tear in the ocean while Thinking of You...

And I promise 2 be Your Friend till I find it...

What is a Girl Friend?
Addition of Problem,
Substraction of Money,
Multiplication of Enemy,
Division of Friends....

So be careful

A friend is
someone who sees the first tear in your eyes,
holds the next one and
makes sure that
the third one doesn't come out.

Friendship is a little more trust a little less try,
A liitle more laugh,a little less very,
A little more WE,a little less I,
Friendship is just U and I..

If u r a Chocolate, ur the sweetest,
If u r a Teddy bear, u r the most huggable,
If u r a Star, u r the Brightest,
U r my FRIEND! U r d Best!

It takes half our life to find true friends
and halft of it keeping them.
I am lucky to have spent
less than half of my life finding you and
wish to spend the rest keeping you.

Make your life a House your Heart Can live in.
With a door that is open to receive friends.
And a garden full of memorise... of many good things...

In this WORLD, where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE, You'll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS, beyond TIME and beyond DISTANCE!

I met U as a stranger,
I leave U as a friend,
as long as the world stands, our friendship nv ends.
All friends nv split N even if they do, they will meet again.

We've knwon each other by CHANCE,
became friends by CHOICE,
still friends by DECISION.
And when we say FRIENDS FOREVER,
that's definitely a lifetime promise!

There are many stars but moon is u,
There are many friends, but the best is u,
To forget me that's up to u, to forget u, I will never ever do.

How can u tell the rain not 2 fall when cloud exist?
How can u tell leaves not 2 fall when wind exist?
How can u tell me not 2 fall in friendship when u exist.

If I could pull down the rainbow,
I would write ur name with it and put it back in the sky to let everybody know how colorful my life is with a friend like u!!

Friendship is made in the heart.



Unbreakable by the Distance

Unchangeable by time.



A friend is:
Who lends you...
Pen in School...
Notes in highschool...
Bike in college...
Girlfriend in University...

heartbeats r countless
spirits r ageless
dreams r endless
memories r timeless

Friendship is like standingon wet cement..
the longer you stay,
d harder it is 2 leave, &
u can never go without leaving ur footprints!
Glad 2 hav u as my friend!

In the rythm of life,
we sometimes find ourselves out of tune,

but as long as thr r friends like u to provide the melody - the music plays on.

There"s a st@ry BiHind every friendship.
Each friend we make is a start @f each st@ry,
our st@ry had a w@nderful beginning...
H@pe this st@ry, Never has an ending

Friendship happens inside the heart.
Unbreakable by distance...
Unchangeable by time...

Once a FRIEND, always a FRIEND...

If u drop me, i'll break; if u hold me, i'll shak
if u need me, i'll hurry; if u don't call me, i'll worry
if u hurt me, i'll cry,
but friend, if u leave me, i'll die....

In the rythm of life,
we sometimes find ourselves out of tune,
but as long as thr r friends like u to provide the melody - the music plays on.

The best teacher is ur heart,
The best healer iis time,
The best judge is ur conscious.
Ur best friend could only be GOD & ur
CUTEST FRIEND can only be ME!

Starts has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
trinagle has 3 ensd
line has 2 ends
but circle of our friendship has no end...

FRiEND in different lanaguages...
Iranian - DOST
German - FREUND
Herbew - CHAVER
French - AMi
Pinoy - KAiBiGAN
Dutch - VREND
Mexican - AMiGO

For me.. just simply "YOU"

Good FRIENDS CaRE for each Other..
CLoSE Friends UNDERSTaND each Other...
and TRUE Friends STaY forever
beyond words,
beyond time...

Ever since you've left, i'hv realised that A part of one's Life is made of someone else's life.
I miss that PART.

I Miss U

I may not b
the most important person in ur LIFE...
I just hope that
One day whn
u hear my name
u wud just
"Hey thats my friend"

When things go bad & ur strength is no longer enuf 2 carry on...
Don't give up, coz where ur strength ends...
.. my worth as ur FRIEND begins...

Make new friends, but keep the Old;
Those are silver, these are gold.

<'_'> Hum Tum ('_')
<(H)/ Stranger
     / >              ,>

<'_'> Hum Tum (',')
<(H)/    Enemy
     / >                  ,,,,
<'_'> Hum Tum (',')
<(H)/ Friends
     / >             />
Like ('-')
   U$ '.'

Friends Forever!

To Share what is difficult

To heal what is hurting

To think what is not possible

To understand without even talking...

Is the miracle called

I may hav 4gtn 2 say dat I care, I may hav failed 2 open up and share..
but though no words hav been spoken, my promise of eternal friendship wont b broken...

To Understand a misunderstanding is a an understanding in friendship BUT to have no misunderstanding is the most understood Friendship....

Dua karte hai ham sar jhukaye,
ae dost aap apni manjil ko paye,
Agar kabhi teri raho mein andhera aaye,
to roshni ke lyie khuda hamko jalaye..
Happy Friendship!

A friend gives hope when life is low,
A friend is a place you've no where to go,
A friend is Honest, friend is True,
A friend is Precious a friend is You!

our FRIENDSHIP is a blank cheque for ME
It"s an ASSET not a LIABLITY
always a CREDITnot DEBIT
always a PROFIT not a LOSS

You will always IMPRESS people because you have... TALENT,
If that isn't enough....
Tell them Ur "MY" Friend

People like Ur found only once in lifetime so u better take care of ur self coz i don't want 2 wastw another lifetime 2 find a sweet friend like u.

Ok Even if I don't see you...
even if we hav...
L talks
E Hellos
S Stories
S Greetings
always remember dat my friendship will never b LESS 4 YOU

1 Advice-Take care,
1 Request-Don't change,
1 Wish Don't forget me,
1 Lie-I Hate You,
1 Truth-I Miss U,
1 Hope-We will always be Good Friends

If I get ur SMILE, I dont need FLOWERS,
If I get ur VOICE, I dont need MUSIC,
If u speak to me, I dont need anybody else,
U just b my FRIEND, I dont need the WORLD!

I may not be the
"Perfect Friend"

That U R
looking for...

not even
the "BEST"
among them all...

But surely
I'm a friend
who always care for...

Keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love,
bcos sun rises in east and sets in west but
friendship rises in HEART and sets after DEATH

Have a "Heart" that never Break$,
Have a "Smile" that never Fades,
Have a touch that never Hurt$,
Have a "Friendship" that never Ends
Like Ours!

True f'ship never fades with time :-)
becomes more tasteful like old WINE ::))
only a friend can understand words and
convert the rolling tears into a smile!

One day u"ll ask me what's more important to me,
I"say MY LIFE & U will walk away not even knowing that
Friends like U r my life!

Dream a dream 2nite as u a smile 2morrow that u may keep.may all of ur dreams and wishes come true cause i could`nt find a better friend like u!

There is a gift that gold cannot buy a blessing dats rare & true.dats d gift of a wonderful friend like d friend dat i have in u!

R we friends or r we not.U told me once but i 4got.of all d m8s ive eva met ur d 1 i wont 4get.& if i die b4 u do i will go 2 heaven & wait 4 u!

Uve touched my heart uve touched my soul.bcos of u I now feel whole.U'll always b my closest friend.u'll b in my heart 2 the very end.

Dreams r2b 4goten reality to b lived.desires 2b fulfilled & destiny 2b reached.where it began.where will it end.friends from da start.friends til da end!

I ve made so many mistakes in my life, but something I did right was to have you as a friend and I definitely wont make another mistake of losing someone like you.

Flowers means honey...,honey means sweet... Sweet means desire ...,Desire means Love...,Love means Friend...,Friend means U sweet sweet...

when all the season will be dry, when all the bird leave the sky, when all friends say u good bye, U will found me there to say hi.

If I get ur SMILE, I dont need FLOWERS, If I get ur VOICE, I dont need MUSIC, If u speak to me, I dont need anybody else, U just b my FRIEND, I dont need the WORLD!

No ego no partiality,No comparison no leadership...No hesitation no fear,No fear no cruel mond betweer two members called True Friends .

Woh ZINDAGI hi kya jisme FRIENDSHIP nahi.Woh FRIENDSHIP hi kya jisme YAADEIN nahi.Woh YAADEIN hi kya jisme TUM nahi..Woh TUM hi kya jiske saath HUM nahin,.

If i could pull down the rainbow,
i would write ur name on it and put
it back in the sky 2 let everybody know how
colourful my life is with a frd like u.

Dil todna hamari adat nahi,
dil hum kisika dukhate nahi,
bharosa rakhna hamare dosti pe,
dost banakar hum kisiko bhulate nahi...

Jo pal pal chalti rahe: ZINDAGI hai...
Jo har pal jalti rahe: ROSHNI hai...
Jo pal pal khilti rahe: MOHABBAT hai...
Jo kisi pal saath na chhode: woh DOSTI hai...

Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, b'coz i am a frnd u can always depend on!!